Telefónica and other telecoms sideline China’s Huawei in 5G deployment due to national security risks

Operators are relying on Ericsson and Nokia in the development of 5G. The indications of the governments and the EC have caused a halt to the announcements with Chinese groups. Telefónica and the major European telecoms are still awaiting the European Union’s final decision on the possible veto of Chinese technology companies. The European Commission stressed a few days ago that it is “absolutely justified” that several countries in the Old Continent have excluded groups such as Huawei and ZTE from the deployment of 5G infrastructures, due to possible risks to national security.

In this scenario, operators are already positioning themselves and have left Huawei out of their latest major technological announcements. In fact, the presence of the Asian manufacturer is almost testimonial. In these circumstances, the main winners are the European groups Ericsson and Nokia and, to a lesser extent, South Korea’s Samsung.

For example, Telefónica España announced last week the launch of 5G+ or real 5G services in the 3,500 MHz band, with Ericsson and Nokia as suppliers.

Telefónica has also established an agreement with Nokia for the development of private networks in Latin America. The Finnish manufacturer has also been the protagonist of the latest announcements in the Open RAN open network segment for 5G with Telefónica Germany or with Virgin Mobile O2 in the British market.

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