Spanish company exports superior Japanese Matsusaka beef for the first time.

The meat most prized by the Japanese has never left the country and will now be distributed in Europe by the French subsidiary of the Spanish company Grupo Akaneya. Matsusaka Beef is a national treasure, and now for the first time it has been authorized for export. The Japanese government has given the green light after the Akaneya Group became a member of the Matsusaka Beef Association.

Thanks to this understanding, the Japanese government has subsequently launched the historic export project that will take this beef to the rest of the world. Around a hundred companies had tried to do so before in recent years, according to sources from the Association.

With barely 7,000 head of cattle produced, this is a business sustained by domestic demand that pays very high prices for this magnificent meat known as Matsusaka Beef, originating from the traditionalist Mie Prefecture.

The decline in demand for this exceptional meat due to the aging of the population and economic problems have led Matsusaka Beef producers to open up internationally and leave behind fears of possible foreign interference and its influence on the prestige of the coveted product.

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