Protagonistas CEJE: We interviewed Francesc Vidal, Commercial Director of Costa Brava Foods

Protagonistas CEJE is a space that has been created to get to know and project the image of our partners. In this space we will interview top-level executives. In these conversations we will talk about the most human side of our partners, their trajectory, their challenges and their leadership style.

In this interview we will have the pleasure of interviewing Francesc Vidal, Commercial Director of Costa Brava Foods. This charcuterie division, of the Cañigueral holding, has boosted its business outside the country by more than double digits, an international adventure that began in 2018, coinciding with the opening of Mercadona’s shelves to other meat suppliers. Since then, it has achieved significant penetration in different retailers and foodservice chains in countries outside the European Union.

In addition, their team’s efforts to improve their carbon footprint, an indicator that reflects the amount of greenhouse gases, are beginning to bear fruit. This year (thanks to the calculations they have made of the footprint for 2021 and 2022) they can claim a 39% reduction in their carbon footprint per unit of product compared to the previous year, indicating that they are well on the way to a greener future.

Let’s get to know your Commercial Director better. What has been his background until he reached his current position? What is his experience in professional and personal relationships in the Japanese corporate environment? What are the main differentiating elements of your company?


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