CEJE FEATURES – ニッポンガス・ユーロホールディングス社長 エドゥアルド・ギル・エレホステ氏に聞く

CEJE FEATURES is a space that has been created to get to know and project the image of our partners. In this space we will interview top-level executives. In these conversations we will talk about the most human side of our partners, their trajectory, their challenges and their leadership style.

In this interview we will have the pleasure of interviewing Eduardo Gil Elejoste, President of Nippon Gases Euro-Holdings. Nippon Gases -part of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation- is a global company headquartered in Japan. It is also the fourth largest supplier of industrial gases in Europe, with an overall market share of close to 9% across the continent.

The company is a strategic partner for industrial and medical gases in Europe. The company is present in more than 13 countries, with a strong combination of on-site/pipeline business lines, commercial networks and distributors throughout the main industrial areas.

Making life better through gas technology

Its goal is to create social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, improve people’s well-being and help shape a more sustainable future.

High-value talent

Let’s get to know the President better. What has been your background until you reached your current position? What is your experience in professional and personal relationships in the Japanese corporate environment? What are the main differentiating elements of your company?


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