VII Keicho Innovation and Technology Awards 2023. NTT DATA AND ECOALF CHOSEN AS WINNERS

The Board of Directors of the Japan Business Circle Spain, constituted as the Jury of the VII Keicho Awards 2023, met on June 12 to evaluate and choose the winners from among the nominations of companies presented to the VII Keicho Awards, which value innovation and technology as drivers of business development and promoters of business relations between Spain and Japan.

NTT DATA, a company that is among the TOP 10 largest IT services companies in the world, with more than 140,000 professionals (of which 20,000 in Spain) operating in more than 50 countries, was the Japanese winner. NTT DATA launched its NAKA product, a platform that offers a cutting-edge approach to immersive experiences, giving companies the ability to immerse themselves in an interactive and engaging virtual environment. By combining cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, with advanced business tools, they enable organizations to enhance collaboration, training, presentations and other business interactions more effectively and compellingly.

The votes also gave ECOALF as the winning Spanish company, both for its innovative efforts and for its presence and impact in Japan. ECOALF was born in 2012 from the hand of Javier Goyeneche, founder and president of the brand, to demonstrate that a truly sustainable fashion brand is possible, without sacrificing design. Thanks to the most advanced recycling technologies and more than four years of investment in R&D&I, Ecoalf has developed more than 160 fabrics, with innovation and sustainability being the perfect allies for the design of these garments. The company is committed to sustainable innovation and embarks on new areas to create a future that always minimizes the human impact on the planet.

We live, without a doubt, in a world in constant change, in which technology is increasingly present, and where companies are having to adapt to the new needs of our society.

With the Keicho Awards, CEJE wants to recognize the work and effort of Japanese and Spanish companies in this task, awarding two of them each year and positioning them as leaders in achieving a better and more sustainable world.

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