Teatro Real’s flamenco tour will stop in Japan

As part of its commitment to support, disseminate and promote flamenco in Spain and abroad, the Teatro Real is expanding its Flamenco Real series with the international tour “Authentic Flamenco”.

Co-produced with FEVER and SO-LA-NA, it will offer more than 400 performances in 38 cities in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

“Authentic Flamenco” consists of three tours that will be performed simultaneously by three big names in flamenco: Amador Rojas, Yolanda Osuna and Paula Rodriguez. The latter will lead the tour of Asia and Oceania, accompanied by José El Escarpín (dance), Jonathan Reyes and José del Calli (vocals), Ángel Flores and Antonio Jiménez (guitar) and Manuel Reyes (percussion). In total they will perform 118 shows, 10 of which will take place in Tokyo (Japan).

With these international tours, the Teatro Real not only disseminates the enormous wealth of flamenco singing and dancing, but also builds bridges with countries all over the world, allowing it to broaden the bonds of collaboration with diverse cultures through Spain’s artistic and cultural heritage.

You have it all in the video of the following link.

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