Japan, guest country at Expo Foodtech 2023

Expo Foodtech, the food industry technology fair, held its third edition in Bilbao with Japan as the guest country. The organization considers it a unique opportunity to learn about the approach that the Asian country is developing to respond to the challenges of the sector.

Japan had two pavilions in the exhibition area, where more than 30 Japanese companies will present their solutions for the food industry. Among them were Agrist, specialized in crop robotization; miso producer Hayakawa Shoyu Miso; Creo Technology, with a vertical lettuce plantation that doubles productivity and reduces costs by 30%; Morus, which produces food from silkworm meal; Sea Vegetable Company, which cultivates algae and develops food from it, or Setsurotech, which develops products through gene editing.

Expo Foodtech also included the “Japan Way on Food tech” forum, which analyzes the challenges facing the food sector. Experts and industry leaders in Japan, such as Hirotaka Tankaka, CEO of Sigmaxyz, discussed new technological advances such as genetics, artificial intelligence and robotics that, along with other traditional systems, are being addressed in Japan to respond to food needs.

According to Sergio Fabregat, director of Expo Foodtech, “Japan is a benchmark country in terms of environmental sustainability and implementation of new technologies in the agri-food industry. It is a great opportunity to have a wide representation of experts from this country”.

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