CEJE FEATURES – Interview with Javier Moré, Managing Director Nippon Express Spain and Portugal

Protagonistas CEJE is a space that has been created to get to know and project the image of our partners. In this space we will interview top-level executives. In these conversations we will talk about the most human side of our partners, their trajectory, their challenges and their leadership style.

In this interview we will have the pleasure of interviewing Javier Moré, Managing Director of Nippon Express Spain and Portugal. Nippon Express was founded in 1872 under the name of Riku-un Moto Kaisha and in 1937 was re-established as a semi-government transport company.

In 1950 Nippon Express ceased to be a government company and became a private international transport company. Thus, for more than a century, Nippon Express, as a leader in the Japanese transportation and logistics industry, has played a vital role in economic development and improved the quality of people’s lives.

Since its inception, the Nippon Express Group has used its strength in the field of logistics to link people, businesses and regions around the world. In this way, they have been able to consistently contribute to the development of society and offer the latest and most innovative solutions in the logistics business, while maintaining respect for the environment and a firm commitment to safety.

Let’s get to know the Managing Director better. What has been his path to his current position? What is his experience in professional and personal relationships in the Japanese corporate environment? What are the main differentiating elements of your company?


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