CEJE FEATURES – Interview with Emilio Arroyo, Chairman of the shareholders’ meeting Class Manufacturing

Protagonistas CEJE is a space that has been created to get to know and project the image of our partners. In this space we will interview top-level executives. In these conversations we will talk about the most human side of our partners, their trajectory, their challenges and their leadership style.

In this interview we will have the pleasure of interviewing Emilio Arroyo, Chairman of the shareholders’ meeting Class Manufacturing. Class Mf is a company specialized in the development and manufacturing of metallic and electromechanical solutions. The company is characterized by having the support of very important clients, with whom it has a constant relationship, providing them with quality and security in the development of their projects over the years.

Some of the examples of industrial solutions provided by Class Mf to its customers are: multifunction printer supports, ventilation equipment, server racks, among others.

Its business model is based on three basic principles:

  • Export vocation, always on time.
  • Business philosophy based on the common good.
  • Commitment.

Let’s get to know the Chairman in more depth. What has been your background until you reached your current position? What is your experience in professional and personal relationships in the Japanese corporate environment? What are the main differentiating elements of your company?


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