CEJE FEATURES – Interview with Conchi Zamorano, General Manager at Kuoni Tumlare

CEJE FEATURES is a space that has been created to get to know and project the image of our partners. In this space we will interview top-level executives. In these conversations we will talk about the most human side of our partners, their trajectory, their challenges and their leadership style.

In this interview we will have the pleasure of interviewing Conchi Zamorano, General Manager at Kuoni Tumlare. It is a European destination management company with local offices in almost 20 countries. With over 100 years of experience, a global presence, unparalleled knowledge of local destinations and a wealth of experience, they are distinguished and driven by the original purpose that inspired their founders more than a century ago: to foster connections between cultures.

In addition, their approach to CSR is multifaceted and seeks to achieve results through partnership and progress. They are always looking to minimize their ecological footprint and drive the industry forward with responsibility and sustainability as a top priority.

Let’s get to know the General Manager better. What has been your journey to your current position? What is your experience in professional and personal relationships in the Japanese corporate environment? What are the key differentiators of your company?


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