Asia, with Tokyo-Yokohama at the forefront, leads in number of global innovation centers

The city of Tokyo and neighboring Yokohama are the biggest breeding ground for global scientific and technological advances, according to the ranking drawn up annually by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which this year places the five main world innovation poles on the Asian continent.

After the pair of Japanese cities in the ranking are the centers Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Canton (China), Seoul (South Korea), Beijing (China) and Shanghai-Suzhou (China), and in sixth place are the American cities of San Francisco-San Jose, the first non-Asian cities on the list published by WIPO.

By country, China has the most innovation poles in the top 100 list, with 24, followed by the United States (21) and Germany (9), while Japan, India, South Korea and Canada have four each.

The list is compiled by analyzing patent applications filed in each city or set of nearby cities, as well as taking into account published scientific articles, in order to determine the geographic areas with the highest density of inventors and scientific authors in the world.

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