ICEX takes Japan to Barcelona Smart City Expo

ICEX Spain Export and Investment, together with the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Tokyo, is organizing a technical seminar at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, which will take place in November this year. The objective is to present to Spanish startups and innovative SMEs the challenges faced by Japanese cities in terms of digital transformation. These challenges include areas such as e-Government, e-Health, Mobility, Energy, Data Analytics DX or Fintech.

Also, upcoming projects and bidding procedures with cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto or Kobe, among others, will be analyzed.

After the presentations, the representatives of the Japanese cities will hold B2B meetings with a selection of Spanish companies with the most innovative solutions or technologies. To this end, the cities themselves will carry out a joint selection process among the applications received according to their viability in the Japanese market.

According to ICEX Japan, the world’s third largest economy in terms of GDP, is 29th in the world ranking of digital competitiveness, and the pandemic highlighted its shortcomings in digitization. Improvement in this area is considered a priority: the Japanese government has created a Digital Agency and a series of subsidy packages available to cities seeking to revive the local economy through digitization.

You can read the complete news in the following link.


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