CDTI announces new Globalstars R&D Program call with Japan

The European R&D cooperation network Eureka and the Japanese research and development agency NEDO have agreed to launch a new call of the Globalstars program with Japan. The aim of this program is to promote the generation of R&D projects in international cooperation between companies from Japan and Eureka countries, including Spain.

The opening for the presentation of applications, according to CDTI Innovation (Spain’s Center for Technological Development and Innovation), is scheduled for October 23, 2023 and will end on January 31, 2024.

As with all Eureka projects, proposals must aim to produce an innovative market-oriented product, process or service for civilian use. Consortia must be composed of at least two companies, one from Japan and one from a European country. No one country must account for more than 70% of the project budget.

In this Call, the approved proposals will be endorsed by the Eureka seal, which, in addition to being a promotional element and recognition of the technological level of the proposal, makes it eligible for public funding. In the case of Spain, the projects will be financed within the typology of international collaboration R&D projects, available at CDTI Innovation.

You can read the complete news in the following link.


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